• Question: Why do Monkeys eat bananas?

    Asked by tobyneilson to Andrew, Peta on 25 Nov 2011.
    • Photo: Andrew Cairns

      Andrew Cairns answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      Probably many of the same reasons that we eat bananas! They are an excellent source of energy, full of good sugars and fibre, taste good and have many vitamins and minerals we need. They must also be very available in the habitat. My friend works with monkeys, and they love anything sweet!

    • Photo: Peta Foster

      Peta Foster answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      I guess monkeys would eat bananas because they are a tasty fruit that is abundant in the environment where you would find monkeys… now we do we eat bananas? We now eat food from all over the world and we hope that our bodies can make use of it.

      An interesting thing about monkeys eating bananas is that they peal them form the other end to the end we normally peal them from. they use the stalky bit like a handle to hold and peal from the other end. 😀

      Great question! 😀