• Question: what is time? what causes it? is it energy or somthing else?

    Asked by ayywin to Andrew, Daniel, Hayley, Natalia, Peta on 25 Nov 2011.
    • Photo: Daniel Scully

      Daniel Scully answered on 15 Nov 2011:

      Time is another dimension, just like the three space dimensions. The only difference is that you can move backwards and forwards in space, but in time you’re only allowed to move one way.

      In fact the rules of physics say you have to travel at a certain speed through time, so you can’t even stay still in time.

      The only way to slow down your speed through time, is to travel very, very fast through space… like almost the speed of light.

      (Energy and time are also very related in physics: Energy is to time, what momentum is to space.)

    • Photo: Peta Foster

      Peta Foster answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      That is a really difficult question. Time can be considered to be another dimension as Andrew said but i think it also has properties which make it very different too. It is also something that philosophers have pondered over for a very long time.

      The perception of time as moving faster as we get older is a common thing you hear people say so time is clearly perceived differently throughout life and the brain itself can perceive time passing differently through the day even so i think it is a very complicated thing to try and wrap your head around when you head is already being wrapped in time itself 😀