• Question: I think that your work is really inspiring and very complex . i would love to be able to be as clever as you what sort of subjects did you take at uni and for your a-levels?!

    Asked by nunu96 to Peta on 25 Nov 2011.
    • Photo: Peta Foster

      Peta Foster answered on 25 Nov 2011:

      Thank you… that’s really nice of you to say. It is great fun to be curious and enthusiastic and is sounds from your question like you might be the same 🙂 I took Maths, Chemistry and Physics for my a’levels as i really wanted to do physics so i could have more people to talk to about light..hehe. I then applied to do a degree at York University in experimental physics since i went to look around a few unis and i really liked York as it seemed very open and friendly. 😀

      My work now is very varied, last night i was with an experimental group trying to accelerate an electrons beam. The experimenters were new to the facility so it was nice to be able to really help them with their experiment even though i am not as experienced on their specific subject as they are. It feels great to contribute towards science and i love the feeling of seeing something for the first time 🙂

      I do hope you go into science because it really is great fun and we need all the curious and enthusiastic people we can get 😀